Our Special Menus

Dinner Menu

Our dinner menu has some of our families favorites. From lasagna to scarpiello, and everything in between. . .

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Lunch Menu

Our lunch menu features items from our dinner menu, but for a lower price. Included in the price is also a drink and a spimoni ice cream dessert.

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Important Links


Get the best and fastest directions using google maps. . .

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If you need our address, to-go line number, or delivery number check us out here. . .

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Check out our delivery area around our restaurant. . .

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Check back here to see if we have any up-coming coupons. . .

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Today's Hot

Fresh Baked Lasagna

Layered lasgna noodles, italian sausage and beef, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, and...

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Piato Favorito

Rosaria’s is offering you a "taste" of our favorites in one dish. Lasagna ...

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Pizza's, Calzone's, and Stromboli's

Choose Chicken Alfredo, Tutta Carne ...

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